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Horizontal and directional drilling done right

This technology, also known as HDD, allows us to install utilities under roads, rivers and existing structures without disrupting the surface. HDD is also ideal for pipe rehabilitation and other applications where safety, efficiency, and risk management are important.


We use heavy-duty equipment to bore underground and create infrastructure for utility installation. Safe and effective, HDD is capable of placing multiple conduits at once, and has proven to be a fast, convenient and cost-effective way to build the underground infrastructure needed for a number of utilities.

• Install underground pipes, conduit, and cables

• Use when trenching or excavating is not practical

• Cross waterways, roadways, and other areas

• Great for environmental safety

• Shorter completion times which lower costs

• Helps avoid extensive open cut trenches

• Use in urban areas for developing subsurface utilities

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We take pride in our work and would like to help you turn your project into a reality. We do quality work so you can hire us with confidence, knowing we see safety as a number one priority. Call today for your free estimate.

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