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We provide minimally invasive vacuum excavation that uses high-velocity water pressure to excavate a hole. A high-capacity vacuum is used to draw the material into a tank to be removed away from the site. These techniques guarantee less site disturbance, fewer underground utility damages, and a clean job site. This method allows us to excavate with precision while improving safety and convenience.


We also offer hydro excavation services

At JW Services, we offer professional, residential, agricultural, commercial and industrial excavating and contracting project services. We are confident we can provide the services you need in a manner that will provide you with the highest standards of materials and will exceed your expectations.


• Locating and mapping underground utilities

• Cleaning vaults, manholes, and catch basins

• Removing debris and silt from dry wells

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Using a backhoe loader, excavator, or trencher, we can effectively dig to your required depth. We can trench up to 7 foot deep for water lines and utilities. We also have a mini-excavator available for tight areas where space is an issue. Our services include excavation work for full basements, additions, crawl spaces, footings, post holes, utility installations, septic systems, water and sewer lines, driveways, culvert installations and backfilling.

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