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Bill Durfee Substation

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Project Description

The completed Bill Durfee Substation connects to an existing high voltage transmission line and significantly increases delivery capacity. This project adds reliability to the Sundance area and system. The substation was named in honor of a past Powder River Energy Corporation director, Bill Durfee.

We stripped and stockpiled topsoil for this project using scrapers and performed cut and fill to level the site. With water trucks and rollers, we achieved 95% compaction. We hauled in six inches of sub-base gravel and four inches of finish gravel to the site. To complete the substation site, we spread the topsoil, seeded native vegetation, and installed erosion control to reclaim the area.

Project Quantities

  • 5,000 Cubic Yards of Topsoil
  • 10,000 Cubic Yards of Fill Dirt
  • 9,000 Tons of Sub-base Gravel
  • 6,000 Tons of Finish Gravel
  • 10 Acres

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