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Residential and Commercial Development

We provide cost-effective site development services for both residential and commercial development. Our capabilities include leveling & grading using dozers, scrapers, and blades. Our trucking services can provide sub-base material or surfacing material to complete any road or pad project.

Site Preparation

We provide site clearing, grading, leveling, and land drainage services. Demolition of buildings, excavation, backfilling, and compaction allows us to prepare the land site adequately.

Land Development & Reclamation

Whether you are building a new home or a commercial building, we can provide the necessary land development services. From simple land alteration, grading, and clearing to more complex development, drainage correction, and comprehensive excavation, we have the experience you can trust.

Leveling & Grading

We can level, slope, and prepare new sites for development. Other capabilities include sediment ponds, livestock dams, and drainage solutions.

Trucking & Hauling

Our capabilities include gravel hauling, dirt-moving, equipment hauling, and coal hauling. We have lowboy trailers, belly dump trailers, flatbed trailers, step deck trailers, dump trucks, and other hauling equipment necessary to meet your trucking needs.

Residential Excavation Services

We offer complete residential utilities and site development services. Our capabilities include sewer/septic & water installation, road construction, homesite development, foundation and basement excavation, and utility installation. We also have mini-excavators available for tight areas where space is an issue.

Substation Site Development

We strip and stockpile topsoil during substation site development, perform cut to fill, prepare subgrade, and install drainages. After the substation is built, we install surface rock and reclaim the site. We can achieve 95%+ compaction.


We strive for a great customer experience at an affordable price with all projects.

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Bill Durfee Substation
Sundance, Wyoming

Bill Durfee Substation

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